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A computer repair Virginia can help fix a broken PC or laptop. They can also help you troubleshoot a problem on site or remotely. Some of the services also offer virus removal services. Definitely, hiring one is what you need to restore the normal functions of your PC for work or home use. For the best place to start looking, you may refer to the following list of the top 10 services in the state to provide you with a computer repair service.

virginia computer repair services

Virginia Computer Repair

Geek ABC is your one-stop shop for PC repair in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. They are a team of expert computer technicians that can fix all the problems that have been putting your computer down. They can come to your location directly to solve any PC problems in no time. Aside from repair, the team also provides solutions for complex networking environments, with their experience and expertise in migration, design, installation and management.

Geek ABC

If you’re looking for guaranteed repair services in the state, then you may want to depend on this team of geeks to provide your needed solutions. They can repair all types and brands of PCs, including Windows and Macs. They can also fix tablets and game consoles. They have a location in Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Chesapeake.

My Computer Concepts

For computer support Virginia, you can check out the VA Computer Guy. They can fix a bad computer and make it running again quickly with their fast diagnostic and repair services. They do not only provide residential but also business support services you can count on for your company. Aside from repair services, the company also provides help in virus removal.

VA Computer Guy

For high-quality computer support Virginia at affordable prices, you can check out this team. They are a local repair shop that can fix most of your PC problems. They can provide services on all computer models and types. All their services are done in their shops, not outsourced or shipped. The team has more than 10 years of combined experience and they have the required skills and knowledge in providing you with top solutions for businesses or homes.

Fairfax Computer Repair

This service provider isn’t only for computer repairs, but also for computer upgrades and mobile repairs. They can upgrade your PC for the latest video card and video games. They can also install a bigger and faster hard drive for you. If you need a laptop repair, they can also be at your service for all brands and types of laptops that need fixing.

Manassas Computer Repair

This is one of the computer services Virginia that you can count on for computer security, virus removal, laptop screen replacement, data transfer, data backup, business IT services, PC repairs, MAC repairs and on-site computer services. Aside from these, they can also offer wired network services and virus removal services. Check them out for a wide range of PC services needed in VA.


There are many reliable computer services Virginia and this is one of them. For years, they have been servicing customers looking for repairs of desktops, iPads, laptops, Mac laptops and networks. You can rely on their services available at affordable rates. They also offer three months of warranty on every PC repair they do, except the virus removal service. Regardless of the brand, including Sony, Compaq, Dell and Acer, they can fix it for you.

Expertise Computers

The team is one of the most reliable in VA when it comes to PC repair. They are offering computer and network services, and all these are guaranteed. They have been around since 2010, providing their services to businesses and homes. They offer their expertise and experience in the field, and their mission is to deliver top notch computer repair for commercial and residential customers in the timeliest manner.

American Geeks

They can fix your PC that’s acting up in a timely manner. They service homes and businesses located in the Hampton Road areas. Their team is composed of PC specialists, who are professionals of fixing and providing solutions for Mac and PC desktops and laptops. They can also be your reliable service providers for internet and network services you need. The company has been around for more than 20 years, so you may count on their experience in the field of PC repairs and cell phone repairs.

Virgil PC

The Warrenton-based service providers is another company to depend on when it comes to PC repair and services. They can help in fixing just about any brand and model, as well as provide help in upgrading your internal hard drive. They can be your one-stop solution to get your hard drive and PC running in no time and optimize your device for better performance.

Dok Klaus

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Use this list in finding the best computer repair or dry cleaners Virginia service providers near you! Check out their offers, rates, and experience to compare your options well.

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