Hiring a Private Investigator Virginia

Virginia Private investigators have been around for years. Private investigators are not only helpful to private individuals but also for businesses. Individuals have to hire private investigators to help them out with their personal problems such as infidelity of their spouses, looking for their missing relatives and having the right of custody to their children. As to businesses, background checks for employees and protection for investments and assets are needed. There is however, a difficulty in choosing the private investigator to hire; hence, you might want to check out the top private investigator VA.

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List of Top 10 Private Investigator Virginia

If you want to hire a private investigator that has a lot of experience, you might want to see Phyleo. Dave, the founder of Phyleo specializes in investigation services for adultery, missing persons and employment verification. He also offers bail enforcement recovery, penetration testing, physical security, process service and firearms training. Dave is not only a licensed Private Investigator; he also has led many forensic cases and also a Special Conservator of the Peace.


The Eagle Group-Private Investigators, LLC is a private investigator Virginia that focuses on Criminal, Civil and Domestic Investigations. The Eagle Group specializes in three areas, the domestic investigations like birth parent search, GPS Tracking, Elder Care, Video Surveillance, Adultery, Child Custody, Blood and Body Fluid Lab Work and Missing Persons; civil cases; and criminal cases such as wrong death, cold or closed cases, shaken baby syndrome/AHT, child and adult abuse cases.

The Eagle Group Private Investigators, LLC

If you want to hire a private investigator that has handled exceptional cases, East Coast Investigations, Inc. is what you will need. Their professional investigators have backgrounds that can cater many cases like military, law enforcement, white-collar work, business, and surveillance. This private investigator VA has been in business for over 25 years and caters the whole Virginia. They specialize in Corporate cases, child custody, cheating and infidelity, background checks and criminal incidents.

East Coast Investigations, Inc.

Morse Investigation Service provides for private investigators that are experienced and professional, being in practice for years. Each of the private investigators is licensed. The company uses different but appropriate methods for each case. Morse Investigation Service is an active member of Private Investigators Associations of Virginia.

Morse Investigation Service

API specializes in Auto Claims, Child Custody, Workers Compensation, 24/7 GPS Tracking, Infidelity and Process Serving. The investigators are best in getting detailed facts via research, analytical thinking, surveillance and interviews by correct information on the incident.

Always Precise Investigation (API)

Emissary Services focuses on litigation support for law firms such as the locating witnesses and assets, making interviews, establishing witnesses, and finding pieces of evidence. Background, personal injury, due diligence, and internal investigations; and criminal defense are also included in their service. You can have their services by contacting them through email, phone or by visiting their office personally.

Emissary Services

Beach Investigations offers their services not only to private individuals but also to businesses that are looking for experienced, creative, efficient, affordable and accurate solutions for their cases. Aside from Private Investigator Services, it also offers Attorney Investigation Services and Corporate Investigation Services. The company utilizes the most advanced technologies to satisfy their clients with their service. It also offers various investigative service packages and custom options.

Beach Investigations

Interprobe has been in practice for 25 years. It is an expert on corporate and domestic investigations and solves such cases through the mixed advanced technology and conventional investigative techniques.


Lia Investigations use the new investigative technology and strategies to find the facts that their client needs. It specializes in legal investigation, surveillance investigations and domestic investigations like child custody.

Lia Investigations

Curtis can just be an email away. He can be contacted any time of the day. Curtis Moore specializes in cases of missing persons, accidents, background checks on individuals and business assets, and pieces of advice for your company’s growth. Private investigation services are at flat rates.

Curtis Moore Investigation

Choosing Virginia Private Investigator

It is better to get a private investigator to be protected. Virginia private investigators help in keeping relationships intact and businesses protected. With private investigators, you do not only get to guard the present, but also your future. So, hire a professional private investigator or Virginia health insurance companies with the help of our website now and be secured.

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